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nazeres's News

Posted by nazeres - October 21st, 2009

This is good. It has been a while since i came on NG. Busy in Freshman year. :).
Now i can put up my pictures i drew!

Posted by nazeres - April 23rd, 2009

I'm sorry for not maaking any songs yet. i ran out of ideas, and so far im almost to freshman year. see you guys later

Posted by nazeres - December 20th, 2008

I stopped my projects from last time b/c they are just to damn hard. my cuz is way to damn busy and my dota remix is taking a long time fitting in the real vocals and beats

Posted by nazeres - October 25th, 2008

Dota song (pro remix)-68%
Eite almo(perfect) special guest Ceca dimeski-82.34343434%

360 news:
My friend let me borrow his 360 tiill he gives my ps3 back,

My account is "Johnni Mac"

Posted by nazeres - September 5th, 2008

Me and my cuz(girl) are starting a song together, akthough it's going to be russin/serbian. i know it's out of contry, but she sings better in our languege. It's a one week project. She is going to get her band toether. And i'm going to make the beats with a little help with my other cuz.

Hope you r looking forward to hearing it :D

Posted by nazeres - July 12th, 2008

i'm finished happines, it's out right now!

Posted by nazeres - July 2nd, 2008

Im back baby. And now iwill be serious about my music. If you heard my song hapiness. I plaaced it as a loop. I never had time to finish it. So, i'm redoing the soong, and boy oh boy. my fans wil love it!. i'm thinking of making it 2 around 3:00-5:00. Prety long techno song. but not long enough. Anyway. Stay tight and wait for my song. I will first put it on a CD and share it to my friends. Then, i'll put it on newgrounds.

Posted by nazeres - April 20th, 2008

recently i've been getting 3's a lot latly ever since i made music. The first 4 ppl liked, then it comes dow nto 3's, and i thought that i did really good on them. I'm about 65% of stoping to make music b/c of the unintest of ppl listening to my music. I'll think aoubt it, and if i can improve, i'll tell u guys.

Posted by nazeres - April 7th, 2008

I jtus got Army Of Two!!!!!

owned!! lol jk jk

Posted by nazeres - April 7th, 2008

I'm finished, i'm all done with my newest song, entensity of speed! Holy shiznit i'm so happy right now, i wanna expolde!!!!I hope thatu guys likes this song. And plz add me to u'r favs list.